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Zachary Reid - Paintings & Mixed Media


Zachary Reid is a storyteller at heart, an often restless soul in search of the details that make each of us unique. In a career that has spanned nearly three decades, he has told those stories in print and in images, working as a magazine editor, a newspaper reporter and a visual artist. 

A self-taught artist, he has honed techniques in acrylics and mixed media that make his work easily recognizable. In photography, he has a keen eye for detail that has helped him uncover beauty in some decidedly pedestrian places. He usually focuses on figurative pieces, though he offers an occasional abstract, as well.

He has written a book about life in Cuba at the end of the Castro regime.


He also likes to travel, particularly in pursuit of humanitarian goals, or good museums. He has worked on building projects and written newspaper stories about social issues in Cuba, Haiti, Honduras, Turkey and the Balkan Peninsula, and gone in search of art in Europe, Central America and South America. He also spent a few days once in Morocco, where he learned how to eat the purple part of a cactus and how to dodge a particularly pesky self-appointed tour guide.

He lives in Richmond, Va., with his exceedingly patient wife. He has four children, who were kind enough to grow up and become wonderful adults with their own homes.