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Sandy McGaw - Sculpture


Sometime In his early middle age,
as a kind of meditative way to unwind in the evenings after
long days on the water and in the boatyard, Sandy McGaw began making small clay sculptures of men’s heads.

Mysterious, haunting, sometimes humorous, but always Intensely emotional and evocative, even Sandy could not articulate from whence these heads evolved.
“If only they could talk!” became their mantra…

Pete Heads.jpg

Soon these heads, and Sandy’s interest in sculpture began to take on a grander importance and commitment In his life. He learned to work in silver and bronze; he imagined new and witty environments for his sculptures, and he created new and fanciful figures, all without a hint of sentimentality and yet all speaking to something deep in the heart and soul.

The art he made remains such a wonderful part of his legacy, passed along and kept alive by his daughter Maggie. She continues to cast his original designs for use in jewelry as well as recreating his heads in large scale sculpture.

Come into the shop and you can see some of Sandy’s original work, on display (though not for sale) alongside Maggie’s jewelry.